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De-addiction Centre in Shimla

De-addiction Centre in Shimla

De-addiction centre in ShimlaShimla Psychiatric Hospital is widely recognized and the most effective De-addiction Hospital in Shimla. Here, we offer a state-of-the-art evidence-treatment approach to create a unique recovery difference for individuals who are struggling with drug or alcohol addiction. So, if you know someone who is struggling with drug or alcohol addiction and looking for a perfect treatment to get rid of it then our De-addiction centre in Shimla is the perfect destination for him. Here, we can provide you with all the effective treatment facilities. It will help them to make their life addiction-free and deal with their mental health issues such as Depression or Trauma.

Best De-addiction centre in Shimla

Shimla Psychiatric Hospital is known as the Best De-addiction centre in Shimla. We are one of its own kind of De-addiction hospitals in Shimla that is specializing in providing exceptional residential care for those who are struggling with addiction. Today we have turned out to be the most reputed centre in the region. All because of the trust of our patients in us. Till now we have treated thousands of patients from all over India with an exceptional success rate of more than 95%.

What makes our centre special?

With the growing addiction problems like drugs or alcohol in Shimla, nowadays more and more people are looking for a family-oriented De-addiction Hospital in Shimla like our centre. That provides them with the best treatment facilities. All our programs offer a wide range of sessions including Yoga, meditation, stress-reducing, 12-step recovery as well as personal counselling. In addition, we have a team of experienced staff. They will leave no stone unturned to help you 24×7 during your treatment journey with us.

Benefits of choosing our De-addiction Hospital in Shimla

Treatment at Shimla Psychiatric Hospital ensures that you and your loved ones embark on the journey of addiction-free and healthy life. Here are the benefits of choosing us –

  • 24×7 support – We provides 24×7 support to our patients. So, there will be fewer relapse chances for the patients.
  • Various Therapy options – At our De-addiction centre, we offer various therapy sessions to our patients. You will find it from yoga, and meditation therapy to 12-step therapy or holistic therapy approaches.
  • Supervision from the experts – We have a team of experts. They will help you as well as guide you during your treatment days and make your journey easier.

So, want to live your life addiction-free? Dial +91 +91 6230764035 and schedule your appointment with our experts.

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