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Alcoholic Problems in Shimla

Alcoholic Problems in ShimlaAlcoholic Problems in Shimla – Shimla a city which was formally known as the summer capital of India, is today known as the capital of Himachal Pradesh and the commercial, principal and education centre of all the hilly regions of Himachal Pradesh.  By considering all these values more than 50,000 people from different states are residing in the city. Moreover, thanks to its beautiful climate which attracts thousands of visitors every day.

But with due regard to all the important factors, we also want to highlight some of the other factors which are drug abusive substance consumption. Alcoholic Problems in Shimla occur day by day. It has affected people of all age groups in the state. It is referred to by various names like drunkenness, and alcoholism depending on the severity of dependency on alcoholism. However, alcoholism can create many serious problems such as liver problems, lung cancer, depression, hepatitis etc.

Ways to Prevent and Deal with Alcoholic Problems in Shimla

There are many ways to prevent and deal with Alcoholic Problems in Shimla. One way is to educate people about its side effects and the other way is to provide support for people who are struggling with Alcoholic Problems in Shimla. There are many ways or treatment options available for people in Shimla who want to quit their drinking addiction. As per the report, made by the Ministry of health and family welfare, alcohol consumption leads to cancer and creates many serious impacts on women who deal with pregnancy. The govt of India has also come up with a new scheme to discourage people to have alcohol on its latest policy.

What did you understand about alcoholism?

According to the NIAAA, alcoholism is a brain disease which refers to compulsive alcohol seeking and use. More than 15% of adults in Shimla have an alcohol use disorder but only 1-2 people seek treatment.

What are the factors that affect alcoholism?

There are many factors that affect alcoholism. It may be genetic or others may develop alcoholism after drinking, to cope with stress or depression. However, whatever the reason may be. It is a serious problem and can create many negative impacts on your health.

If you or your loved ones are also struggling with alcohol addiction and want to get rid of it then please visit our De-addiction centre in Shimla. We will help you and make your life addiction free.

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